Successful Workshop on May 24th 2021: Arley Sorg and Madeleine Robins

We had another successful FOGcon Virtual Writers Workshop on May 24th. Thanks to Arley and Madeleine for leading the two groups! (Their bios are below.) FOGcon Virtual Workshops are conducted via Zoom, and require prior signups. Because they are small workshops, they fill up fairly quickly. Details of FOGcon workshops are at We're planning another one for later in 2021. Watch for an announcement.

Arley Sorg

Arley Sorg is co-Editor-in-Chief at Fantasy Magazine, senior editor at Locus Magazine, associate editor at both Lightspeed & Nightmare Magazines, and a columnist for The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. He takes on multiple roles, including slush reader, movie reviewer, and book reviewer, as well as conducting interviews for multiple venues, including Clarkesworld Magazine and his own site: Arley grew up in England, Hawaii, and Colorado, and studied Asian Religions at Pitzer College. He lives in Oakland, and, in non-pandemic times, usually writes in local coffee shops. He is a 2014 Odyssey Writing Workshop graduate.

Madeleine Robins

Madeleine Robins (she/ her) has been a nanny, an administrator, an actor, and a swordswoman; has trafficked book production, edited comics, and repaired hurt books. She's also the author of the New York Times Notable urban fantasy THE STONE WARDAREDEVIL: THE CUTTING EDGE; historical novel SOLD FOR ENDLESS RUE; and alt-Regency-noir mysteries POINT OF HONOUR, PETTY TREASON, and THE SLEEPING PARTNER. Madeleine lives in San Francisco with a dog, a husband, and a terrifying lemon tree. As always, she's working on another damned book. Links: , ,