We want to make FOGcon enjoyable for all members. One of the best ways to ensure a comfortable, welcoming environment is to clearly announce the local rules of social interaction. Please review these policies with care and attention. We have re-written these policies to account for the fact that we will be Virtual for the foreseeable future. (If and when we return to an in-person Con, we will use the policies already established for such events.)

Access: We are currently using Zoom for virtual events, and will try to use their accessibility tools.

Recording: Recording/ photography at a Zoom session is prohibited except with express permission. FOGcon does not record sessions for later pubication. Attendees are also asked not to record any session without express permission, except for individual personal use, and NEVER to post on any online venue, even a personal blog. 

 Code of Conduct: FOGcon is committed to offering an enriching convention experience as free from harassment as we can make it. We do not tolerate harassment within the FOGcon Community. FOGcon will not tolerate inappropriate behavior. People engaging in it will be evicted from the meeting, and may be banned from FOGcon online spaces. Details at this link: Code of Conduct for Online Spaces