Code of Conduct for Online Spaces

FOGcon is committed to offering an enriching convention experience as free from harassment as we can make it. We do not tolerate harassment within the FOGcon Community. FOGcon will not tolerate inappropriate behavior. People engaging in it will be evicted from the meeting, and may be banned from FOGcon online spaces.

We expect all members of the FOGcon Community to behave respectfully toward others and respect each other’s boundaries. Certain political, religious, and social topics are inherently contentious, and FOGcon is not the platform for those discussions. Moderators will try to ensure that the discourse remains civil and informative.

This Code Of Conduct applies to all types of FOGcon events. Persons who are not permitted to attend FOGcon in-person events are not permitted at online events, and vice versa. However, if anyone involved feels there is a problem or an unaddressed concern, please consult with the FOGcon staff present at the meeting.