The Committee

Elsa, Project Manager

Kerry Ellis, Treasurer

Sasha Pixie, Hotel Liaison

Crystal Huff, Honored Guest Liaison

Montse Cordero, Registration Packet Coordinator

Eva Folsom, Programming Team Lead

Michele Cox, Volunteers

Keyan Bowes, Writers Workshop

Zach Nash, Student Writing Contest Coordinator

Zach Nash is an alumnus of the Alpha young writers workshop. “Cold and Distant Space and other science fiction stories”, a collection of his short stories, is available on amazon.

Jennifer Brooks, Dealers Room Liaison

Jennifer has been a dealer several times but has never been a room.
Likes science fiction but somewhat inarticulate about it. Enjoys existance
as a hominid. Preferred pronoun: she/her or she/them.

Steven Schwartz, Childcare and Children's Programming

Melinda MacKnight, Volunteer-at-Large

Wendy Shaffer, Access, Logistics, and Database

Alyc Helms, WordPress Website


Unfilled Positions

Currently, we do not have any volunteers for the following positions. Please contact the Concom at if you would like to volunteer for the Concom!



FOGcon 1 Cover Art
The ConCom, scheming