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CANCELED: Sept 24th, 4.30 pm Pacific:
Speculative Short Fiction: Finding Markets & Communities, Understanding Industry Standards & Contracts

Also, a note on the Future of FOGcon

Hello FOGcon friends!

We've been radio-silent for a while, and we owe you an update. (Scroll down for a note on the future of FOGcon.)


The next virtual (Zoom) event - "Speculative Short Fiction: Finding Markets and Communities, Understanding Industry Standards and Contracts" - is slated for September 24th, 4.30 pm Pacific Time.  It's a presentation from The Two Hour Transport team: Nicole Bade, Ramona Ridgewell and Elly Bangs. (Bios HERE.) It's aimed at authors looking to get short stories published. The presentation will be followed by a question period, and of course our usual breakout rooms for FOGcon folk to hang out and chat. Hope to be seeing all you writers!
[Sorry - we have had to cancel this event. Apologies, and we hope to bring it back another time.]

Next, the future of FOGcon. We're going to be virtual, at least through 2023. We hope to bring you fun readings, panels, and other events to support and build the FOGcon community.  This will be run by the Virtual FOGcon Concom. There will be no in-person Convention in 2023. Given the current state of pandemic and public health issues, as well as budgetary concernswe cannot be sure when (or even if) we will be able to bring back a hotel-based convention.

The existing 501(c)(3) entity is closing down, and we expect FOGcon to become a fiscally sponsored project of another 501(c)(3) organization.  With that in place, if at some future date we can bring back the in-person FOGcon, we will have the ability to fundraise and build a larger volunteer group.

Virtual FOGcon: As we build out our calendar for 2022 and 2023, we’d love to get suggestions for virtual events. We can’t promise to implement them, but we will certainly add them to our list of potential programs. Email us at fogcon@fogcon.org (with a copy to Fogcon20@gmail.com) with your ideas!

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Most FOGcon Virtual Events are free, with the help of your donations! You can also help FOGcon by submitting ideas for future events or volunteering to help plan or run events.

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