Official Announcement: Shelley Jackson, Virtual Honored Guest

FOGcon regrets to announce that one of our Honored Guests, Shelley Jackson, cannot attend FOGcon.

Although Shelley won't be with us in person, she is breaking new ground as our first virtual Honored Guest. We will have a reading of one of her new stories. In addition, she has sent us her Skin, a short film that is not quite a documentary, about the Skin project. We will show the video, and following that, there will be a moderator-led discussion of the video, the project as a whole, and the rest of her body of work.

One of the limitations of The (Human) Body as currently constituted is that it can't perform bilocation. Shelley Jackson has been detained at home by the arrival of a 13-month-old emissary from the future. Shelley and her partner are busy around the clock caring their new daughter, who arrived unexpectedly early from Ethiopia. As an SF/F convention about The Body, we are extremely pleased to welcome this new fan.

Nalo Hopkinson will be present at FOGcon and doing her reading and panels live and in person.