Pitch In! Help FOGcon Be Awesome!

Hey, y'all! I'm currently going through the list of you beautiful people who have already volunteered to help out for a shift or two at the con. So if you haven't heard from me yet, you will soon!

If you haven't yet volunteered, but would like to help contribute to FOGcon's awesomeness (or would like to take advantage of the chance to meet people and network), please write me! In addition to possibly filling in a shift helping with registration or the consuite, we'll need some folks who can help get stuff cleared up at the end of the con.

I'd also love to hear from any of you who might be available for ad hoc requests as things crop up. I'm not going to go trying to buttonhole strangers at the con, but if you're willing to be asked if a need arises, let me know! You can reach me at volunteers@fogcon.org.


Eva Folsom, Volunteer Coordinator