Friday Night Lift-Off Party

We are especially pleased to announce our exciting Lift-Off Party, or Fabulous Finger Food Festival, on Friday night from 6-8 pm in Gold Rush A in the lower lobby.

Our arrangement with the hotel makes it not only possible but necessary to offer all convention members FREE FOOD. Yes, FREE FOOD. We won't list all the goodies you can sample, but let's just say: there will be poached salmon; there will be sushi; there will be potstickers, and shu mai, and crab-stuffed mushroom caps, and melon with prosciutto and more. There will be plenty of vegetarian and vegan alternatives. We will do our very best to provide ingredient lists, too.

This spread is free to all members of FOGcon; we'll also get you started with some nonalcoholic beverages, but please patronize the cash bar for alcohol and everything else once our starter array runs out. If you haven't registered by Friday evening, we'd appreciate it if you'd come in long enough to find a convention member and get your registration planned or arranged before you dig in.

This is one great time to break out your special garb—Worth ballgowns, steampunk tuxedos, Browncoat finery, authentic Alpha Centauri tentacle jewelry. A lot of convention members are planning to dress up. But of course, you look great in a t-shirts and jeans too!

Our excellent relationship with our hotel depends on the hotel staff, who have been very gracious, the committee (we're doing our best), and you. Please be respectful of the people who work at the hotel and the space we occupy.