Accessibility Policy

We at FOGcon take accessibility seriously. We've developed a formal accessibility policy, which you can read at your leisure.

If you want the executive summary, we hope to offer these accommodations:

  • A highly accessible, nonsmoking hotel with a number of handicapped access rooms
  • Reserved seats in meeting rooms to help those who need to see or hear
  • Dealers' room aisles wide enough for two wheelchairs to pass
  • An effort to reduce perfumes for those with scent sensitivities
  • Lists of ingredients wherever possible for those with food allergies
  • A wide array of edibles to maximize your chances to find food that is both safe and luscious
  • Signs at different heights because not everyone's eye level is the same
  • An electronic version of the con schedule
  • A large-print version of the con program book (Please request by March 4!)
  • Accessible website design

email the Accessibility Coordinator if you have questions or special needs.