February 1: Last Day for Discounted Membership!

Tomorrow the membership price goes up to $75 per adult and $55 per youth. So register now and save!

Ways to use the cash you'll save:

  • Splurge on books, art, jewelry, or other goodies in the Dealers' Room
  • Buy an old friend a drink. Or a new friend. Or yourself
  • Make an origami dragon with it
  • Have all your friends at FOGcon autograph it
  • Spend it at one of San Francisco's peerless restaurants
  • Frame it and hang it on your wall
  • Tip grandly with it -- you'll impress your date and thrill your server

We did have a brief snafu with the PayPal button. The few who overpaid are getting a refund via PayPal. If you register today, the price really will be lower than it will be tomorrow.