Reminder! July 2 2024 Deadline for Writing Workshop!

This is a reminder that the deadline for the small-group Writing Workshop is July 2nd, 2024.
(The actual workshop, by Zoom, will be on August 1 at 4 pm. The timeline is here:

If you wish to attend the Workshop announced, follow these steps:

  1. Email us at  with a cc to to let us know you're interested. Places are limited, and registration ends when all places are full. We will, however, create a waitlist in case of cancellations or for future Workshops.
  2. If you're admitted, we will confirm via email that a spot is available and provide a Paypal link if you wish to donate. To complete your registration, send your manuscript and a brief bio to and cc
  3. You’ll receive your fellow students’ manuscripts in about a week after the deadline so that you can prepare a critique by the workshop date.Go here to get details of what you should send us!