Black Lives Matter. A statement from FOGcon, June 2020

Dear FOGcon community,

Like many across the nation and around the world, our hearts break witnessing the violence and injustice suffered by the Black community at the hands of both police and our society as a whole.

As an organization united by our love of SFF and the Bay Area, we'd like to highlight ways to support excellent speculative fiction by Black authors:


Local ways you can support Black Lives Matter and take a stand:

Upcoming Bay Area protests (continuously updated)
Bay Area Anti-Repression Committee
Donate to their bail fund
Donate to The Bail Project (nation-wide)

The Bay Area has long been associated with activism and challenging the status quo, and we're proud to call it home.

We will be providing a number of Angel Memberships (scholarships) for BIPOC writers and fans at the next FOGcon, and we are working on other concrete steps we can take in support. We will provide updates from time to time.

Stay safe and take care of each other.