FOGhorn 9.3

As we announced on our last FOGhorn, our guests of honor for FOGcon 9 are Becky Chambers and Karen Joy Fowler. We can’t wait to have them and talk about their wonderful works. Maybe the announcement had already inspired some of you to read (or reread!) some of their titles? If you’ve read their works and have some burning questions you’d like to discuss with the FOGcon community then you should…


One of the things that gets me excited about going to FOGcon every year is when I get the programming questionnaire, asking me what I want to be on, and what I want to see. It's at that point that the vague notion of "gee, last year was fun, I wonder what this year will be like" starts to coalesce into "Wow, that would be a really cool panel!" and "I have lots of things to say about that, I should volunteer to be on it!". So help us make the questionnaire as good as possible -- there's still time to submit your ideas to it, because who knows? Your idea may be the one that sets someone's FOGcon dreams alight!

Also hotel reservations are now open, we’ll have gender neutral restrooms, and writing workshop sign-ups are coming soon!



Of course, if you want to join us in these fantastic discussions, you’ll need to register!

Registration is open and the current rate for adults is $60, which will go up starting on November 30th so now’s a great time to join us! The youth rate is $20, and kids can come for free (with a registered adult).



FOGcon 9 is returning to the Walnut Creek Marriott, the same home we have has ever since FOGcon 2, and reservations are now live for the FOGcon 9 group rate! Rooms are $111 per night this year, and you can sign up at the following URL:



We’re excited to let you know about a new step we’ve been able to take toward living up to our ideals and making FOGcon more accessible and welcoming to everyone. All of the restrooms for the convention spaces will be for all genders!

Unfortunately the public facilities in the hotel lobby and other areas for the general hotel guests will still be gendered in a binary, but we wanted to do what we can to make sure that all of our members are able to feel welcomed and not have to misgender themselves to attend the convention comfortably. Each of the restrooms with have signs making it clear that they are for all genders to use, and will list the facilities inside each restroom so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.



We'll open sign-ups for our popular writing workshop on November 15!.

This is a Clarion-style critique group, with a limited number of spots. It's open to any writer - experienced or not - with a full membership of FOGcon. You submit a manuscript up to 7,500 words (short story or novel excerpt) before Jan 31, 2019, and are placed in a group with 2-3 other writers led by an experienced published author. You critique their stories, they critique yours in a friendly and constructive atmosphere. The workshops will be held on Sunday, March 10 2019. There's a $20 additional workshop charge. Email us at any time after November 15, 2018.



Today we have three topical articles we thought you might enjoy:


That’s it for now from the FOGcon team, but we’re looking forward to hearing from you in the next few weeks with panel ideas and general chatter in our social media channels!