FOGhorn 7.7 March 2017

FOGhorn 7.7, March 2017

FOGcon 7 * March 10-12, 2017 * WALNUT CREEK, CA *

Theme: Interstitial Spaces
Honored Guests: Delia Sherman and Ayize Jama-Everett
Honored Ghost: Iain [M.] Banks


Memberships and lunch tickets will be available at the door.



Adults: $90 at the door full weekend membership

Daily memberships will also be available at the door:
Friday day pass - $35
Saturday day pass - $40
Sunday day pass - $30
Lunch Banquet tickets - $15

Youth (11-17): Full weekend membership - $20

Children (10 and under): Free! (Must be attended by an adult)



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FOGcon Weather Report
Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It
Child Care at FOGcon
Hotel: Parking, Lunching, Dining
Membership: Available at the Door
Programming Change to Honored Guest Event



Some panelists have reported that they can’t see their programming assignments when they check their membership account. The database glitch has been fixed, but we suggest that you double-check anyway.

To check, go to and log in with your email address and password. Then scroll down to see a small calendar showing your schedule.

Below that will be your bio. If you don’t see a bio, scroll all the way down and click Edit.

Scroll down to see if the box marked Public is checked. This allows you to choose whether or not your name (or program name) can be shown on the public web site. If not checked, the public web site will list you as "Anonymous." If you want your name and bio to be visible on the site, check the box. If you prefer anonymity, uncheck it.



Walnut Creek’s weather for the next week: Morning clouds, afternoon sunshine; highs in the low to mid 70s, lows in the mid 40s. In other words, perfect spring weather.

Remember that the chance to Daylight Saving Time occurs at 2AM Sunday!



FOGcon is nothing without our community, and we need volunteers to keep FOGcon7 running!

(You can volunteer by e-mailing

If you can sit, you can volunteer, and we'd be very happy to have your participation. We're looking for folks to:

  • Help out at the Registration Desk! Meet people, have a chance to chat, and help people get checked in and pick up their registration materials without a horrible long line.
  • Help out in the Consuite! Take a shift in the Consuite, make sure there's food and drink for folks who come looking, and take a shift to kick back with a conversation or a book.
  • Help out with Programming! In addition to our wonderful volunteer panelists, we need folks to help us keep track of room counts and make sure that every panel has what they need for things to go smoothly.
  • Help host the Game Room! Taking a shift in the game room lets us keep it open and welcoming, and all you really need is to be awake and, y'know, maybe a *little* bit friendly. (Unlike the Consuite, you don't even have to keep track of putting out fresh food 😉 )
  • Help out with Logistics! Make sure the signs we need are up in good time so everyone knows where they want to be when and how to get there. Help make sure the registration packets are ready to go (especially if you'll be around on Thursday night!) and that the moderators get the right name tents for their panelists. Track down the connector nobody knew we were going to need for that one panel until the almost-last minute!

You may have noticed that every one of those bullet points starts with "Help" -- and we will be so very grateful for yours! We are working on some actual thank-you gifts for folks who volunteer, this year, and I think they're going to be pretty nice -- so stop by Registration and sign up, or e-mail me at and let me know what you'd like to do.

(You can volunteer by e-mailing

Thank you so much!

Michele Cox
the beset, bewildered, befusticated, bemused, and very, very appreciative head of Programming and of Volunteers

(Did we mention that you can volunteer by e-mailing



No child care this year; we didn’t have enough signups.



Remember that hotel parking, which is all valet, is free for all convention members, whether hotel guests or not. In addition, the hotel has cancelled the bar music for both Friday and Saturday nights, so the restaurant (which has gotten both better and more expensive) will be more pleasant.

Saturday's lunchtime banquet is at noon, and costs $15 (a major bargain). Tickets are still available; you can buy them at the Registration desk. Lunch will include a green salad, a pasta salad, two hot entrees (at least one of which will be gluten free and at least one of which will be vegetarian), a side vegetable, a side starch, hot rolls and butter, iced tea, tea, and coffee, and a selection of desserts. Last year's lunch was a great success.

As you may recall from previous years, the hotel restaurant (Atrio) has been very full, very slow, and very noisy on Friday and Saturday evenings of the convention. This year, we negotiated in advance to make sure there would be no music, which will cut down the noise.

Separately, the hotel decided (we think very intelligently!) not to offer the full menu in the restaurant, but to offer a burgers, veggie burgers and salads buffet for about $18.00. Since they didn't consult with us about this (and actually didn't inform us--we found out through a side channel), we haven't been able to negotiate with them about managing allergens, and we know this will inconvenience some of you. We would have avoided this if we could. On the other hand, for those who can eat at a buffet of this sort (and can afford it), your experience should be much more pleasant. If this doesn't work for you, you'll have a lot of choices in your Local Guide, which you'll find in your program packet when you register.
If you have any questions about the hotel, or any special hotel needs, please email so we can help you out.

See you soon!

Debbie Notkin
Hotel Liaison



Yes, you can still attend FOGcon! Memberships and SemiFormal Lunch tickets will be available at the door. Yes, we accept credit and debit cards.

Adults: $90 at the door full weekend membership

Daily memberships will also be available at the door:
Friday day pass - $35
Saturday day pass - $40
Sunday day pass - $30
Lunch Banquet tickets - $15

Youth (11-17): Full weekend membership - $20

Children (10 and under): Free! (Must be attended by an adult)



Reciprocal Interview

Salon A/B        Sat, 4:30–5:45 pm

Ayize Jama-Everett and noted Black futurist Dr. Lonnie Brooks will interview one another. Dr. Brooks studies the social and cultural impacts of new media and how new media technologies shape narrative. Come for a fascinating conversation!

Hashtag: #JamaEverettBrooks



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PO Box 3764
Hayward, CA 94540


For more information, email us at
To discuss access issues, email us at
To volunteer, email us at or click the link in your account that says, "Would you like to volunteer?"
To inquire about being a dealer, email us at
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