Suggest Programming Ideas!

Submissions are open for programming ideas for FOGcon 3!

We're looking for ideas for panels, readings, Q&A sessions, group activities or performances that you'd like to see at FOGcon. Our theme this year is Law, Order & Crime, but we are open to all sorts of ideas, not just those on-theme. If there's a panel you've always wanted to see, but never have, then suggest it, no matter what the topic! Our honored guests are (so far) Terry Bisson, Susan R. Matthews, and Anthony Boucher, so if you're inspired to come up with panel ideas around their work, that's great too. Note: suggesting an idea doesn't oblige you to be part of it, nor does it guarantee that you will be part of it. We'll have signups for participation later, after we've collected the ideas to sign up for. Also, we may edit, combine, reshape, or draw inspiration from your idea, or your panel description, so if something that isn't quite what you had in mind shows up in the signup form, that's what's happened.

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