Book Drive in Support of the SF Outreach Initiative

Motive: introducing new readers to science fiction and fantasy, conventions, and fandom

Method: a booth at Wondercon, a 35,000-strong comics convention in San Francisco April 1-3

Modus Operandi: the first one's free, kid

Bring your old books to FOGcon so they can become a gateway for new fans. The SF Outreach Initiative is an all-volunteer organization that will be going to Wondercon to chat, enthuse, and talk to people about the literature, Worldcons, and SFnal activities. They will have fliers, calendars, and bookmarks to show people what is going on and, hopefully, to ignite a latent interest in our sort of hobbies and reading.

FOGcon is proud to be supporting this effort by collecting books. There will be a donation box in the ConSuite, all the hours it's open. New or recent releases, or your favorite old classics -- all are welcome.

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