FOGhorn 7.6 February 2017

FOGhorn 7.6, February 2017

FOGcon 7 * March 10-12, 2017 * WALNUT CREEK, CA *

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Honored Guests: Delia Sherman and Ayize Jama-Everett

Honored Ghost: Iain [M.] Banks

Preregistration ends on February 28! After that, adult memberships will be

$90 at the con.



$80 from January 2, 2017 to February 28, 2017

$90 at the door

Youth (11-17):

Full weekend membership - $20

Children (10 and under): Free! (Must be attended by an adult)



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Message from the Chair
Child Care at FOGcon
Membership: Now or at the Door
Honored Guest News
Programming: Collaborative Story Creation



Hello, FOGcon folks!

It's only a few weeks until FOGcon 7, and we have some last-minute announcements for you, from our various departments. Most exciting, to me, is this: Yes, Child Care is happening at FOGcon, using the same provider as in previous years, and yes, there will be a session of Children's Programming, along with kid-friendly games in the Gaming Room.  We want FOGcon to be a place where people bring their kids, and they grow up with us, like my kids April and Simone have -- this will be their 7th FOGcon, after all!

I know it's only for a few days every year, but I have come to find FOGcon, for those few days, a home away from home; a feeling which was only reinforced when we did the hotel walkthrough last weekend, seeing the new carpets, new sculptures -- and, when we sat down to eat in the restaurant, some familiar (and very welcoming) faces.

My car knows the way to the Walnut Creek Marriott, and I'm looking forward very much to seeing you all there!



How do I register for child care?

Child care should be purchased with registration []. The free child membership is for kids who will be with you at all times and does not include access to child care. Child care appears at the bottom of the list of membership types. When you drop your child off for the first time you will be asked to confirm the information provided at registration and sign a waiver.

What does it cost?

Child care for the first child in each family costs $45. Each additional child costs $35.

When do I need to register?

You must register for child care by February 28. Child care will not be available at the door. We have a limited number of slots, so sign up now. If we run out of space we will use a first-come, first-served basis.

When will child care be available?

Child care will be available during most daytime programming. You must pick up your child at lunch. Evening child care will not be available. You may pick up and drop off your child at any time when child care is open. You may come and go as often as you like during the morning or afternoon.

Who will be providing it?

Shayna Cureton, a licensed child care provider, with help from volunteer assistants.



In just a little more than two weeks, FOGcon will return to the Walnut Creek Marriott, which has been our home since 2012. The Marriott has a very welcoming staff, is easily accessible by both car and public transit, and is easy to get around.

Our room rate has expired, but the hotel is often very agreeable about giving you our bargain $109.00 rate. If you forgot to book your room and want to try to get that rate, call the Walnut Creek Marriott directly at 1-925-934-2000 and ask. If they tell you no, let us know at and we'll see if we can help you out. Directions to the hotel are here (scroll down just a little).

Remember that hotel parking, which is all valet, is free for all convention members, whether hotel guests or not. In addition, the hotel has cancelled the bar music for both Friday and Saturday nights, so the restaurant (which has gotten both better and more expensive) will be more pleasant.

Saturday's lunchtime banquet is at noon, and costs $15 (a major bargain).  Lunch will include a green salad, a pasta salad, two hot entrees (at least one of which will be gluten free and at least one of which will be vegetarian), a side vegetable, a side starch, hot rolls and butter, iced tea, tea, and coffee, and a selection of desserts. We'll sell lunch tickets until they run out, so get yours soon. Last year's lunch was a great success.

If you have any questions about the hotel, or any special hotel needs, please email so we can help you out.

See you soon!

Debbie Notkin
Hotel Liaison



Save time and money by buying your FOGcon membership while pre-registration is still open. After February 28, you'll have to wait to buy a membership at the door. We love the spontaneity of our last-minute members, but we have to admit that pre-registered members have an easier time. They can simply pick up their badges and their packets at the FOGcon Registration Desk, while those buying memberships at the door are filling out forms.

Also, buying your membership early means you can also purchase tickets to our annual Unawards Lunch, held on Saturday, March 10. No dull speeches, just great food and great conversations.

Either way, join us at FOGcon 7, March 10-12, 2017, in beautiful Walnut Creek, California.



Delia Sherman, one of our Honored Guests, has been nominated for the Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy for The Evil Wizard Smallbone. Congratulations, Delia!



Nancy Jane Moore, who is running the Collaborative Story Creation program item, says:

The Collaborative Story Creation program item gives participants the joy of creation and collaboration over the three days of the convention. We will bring our science-fiction-honed minds to bear on the world’s problems.

The workshop is set up in three parts, with a meeting on each day of the convention.

At the Friday panel, I will introduce the project and divide people into groups. On Saturday, people will work on their stories and bring up issues they have discovered. On Sunday, each group will present their stories. However, people who cannot attend all three panels should still feel free to participate.

Folks who cannot come on Friday should email Nancy Jane Moore on Friday evening at to get a description of the project. Those who can’t make the Saturday panel can set up time to work in their group on their own. Sunday is open to anyone interested in what we’ve created over the weekend.

I’m looking forward to seeing what we create!



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