FOGhorn 8.1 January 2018

FOGcon 8 * March 9 – 11, 2018 * WALNUT CREEK, CA *

Theme:  Performance in SF/F
Honored Guests:  Andrea Hairston and Ada Palmer
Honored Ghost: Thomas M. Disch

Registration is now open for FOGcon 8, and lunch tickets are available for purchase.

Full weekend membership
$60 if purchased by November 18, 2017
$70 from November 19, 2017 to January 7, 2018 (Extended!)
$80 from January 8, 2018 to February 28, 2018
$90 "at door"

Youth (11-17):
Full weekend membership - $20

Children (10 and under): Free! (Must be attended by an adult)


FOGblog the FOGcon Blog:


So, what two things does any convention-goer need?

A membership, and things to do with it.

There's news on both of these fronts.  First -- membership prices are going up on Monday, January the 8th, so you want to buy now, if you know you're coming -- and the more memberships we know we have, the more comfortably we can plan for things!

Second: We still are taking last-minute programming suggestions until Sunday, January the 7th -- so if you have any brilliant ideas (or even ones you feel need some tinkering) that have hit you over the holiday season, please go to, and submit them!

Looking forward to seeing you all in March!

Steven Schwartz, Con Chair



January 7th is the last day to get your adult membership for only $70. The price will be $80 on January 8th through February 28th.



Thanks to our generous donors, FOGcon has a few Angel memberships available for people who would love to participate, but can’t pull together the money for a membership. We do ask that recipients of Angel memberships put in at least a few volunteer hours if that’s feasible. If you'd like to be considered to receive an Angel Membership or know someone who might, please email



Every year, we ask our members to share their ideas for what panels they would like to attend. That technique has brought us ideas that spurred fascinating discussions. And you can be part of this process.

FOGcon will be closing suggestions to programming at midnight of 1/07/2018, so please send us your suggestions.

Have suggestions ready? Please submit your idea via the form at

Want to make a suggestion, but don't have any ideas?

First, don't be afraid to submit the seeds of ideas if you're not sure how to grow them yourself.

--Think of the last extremely spirited discussion you had with other readers. The point of contention could be a great start to another spirited discussion between panelists!

--Think of the last book* that blew you away. What was so amazing about it? Did it raise questions? Did it answer them? Did it leave you baffled and gibbering? Your enthusiasm could lead to a panel idea!

--Think of the last book* that really disappointed you. Why was it such a let-down? Why did you expect better? How could it have been done better? Have other books* done better? Your anger and sadness could lead to a panel idea!

--Think of issues you're wrestling with yourself--are there books* that handle these same struggles? Did you find them relevant to your situation, or were they unhelpful (or even downright disrespectful)? Your real-life issues could be the basis for a panel idea.

*Book(s): shorthand for "written stories," including comic books, of any length, really.

Elsa, Programming


Help make FOGcon better! This year's theme of Performance in SF&F offers a universe of possibilities for conference programming, both as panel discussion topics and less traditional events and demonstrations. We're especially looking for ideas that tie in with gaming and performance. Submit your ideas now at The window for suggestions closes at midnight of 1/07/2018, so hurry and submit your suggestions while you can.

Micah Joel, Game Room


Our hotel is once again the Walnut Creek Marriott. Our room rate is $109 per night (plus applicable taxes and such), and that rate is available from March 8th through the 12th. To make reservations, and guaranteed the Con rate, please follow this link: Book your room for FOGcon

John Kusters, Hotel Liaison


Writing workshop sign-ups are open until January 31st! The workshop will be held Sunday afternoon at the Con, on 11th March 2018.  It's open to everyone registered for FOGcon, (with a $20 admin fee). Manuscripts, 100-7500 words in length, are due in by Jan 31, 2018.  Here's the link:

Keyan Bowes, Writing Workshop



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