Be a Unicorn! Volunteer at FOGcon

You've always wanted to be that magical creature, a unicorn. Now you can be. Just volunteer to help out at FOGcon, and you'll get a special unicorn sticker for your convention badge. Everyone will know you're a hero. (And a unicorn.)

FOGcon runs on volunteer work. Behind the scenes, many people come together to organize it, create programming ideas, work with the hotel, assemble goodies for the consuite, and deal with paperwork. But we also need volunteers for visible positions at the con itself.

Volunteer shifts may be an hour or longer. You can help out stuffing Registration packets on Thursday afternoon, set up the Consuite in the early morning, or shut it down late at night. You can help with takedown Sunday afternoon.

Want to meet people? Volunteer for Registration or Consuite.

Know the rules to every game ever invented? Volunteer for the gameroom.

Long to plaster signs all over the hotel's pristine walls? Volunteer for Logistics.

Not sure what you want to do? Just volunteer. We'll find something interesting for you to do.

How do you volunteer? Send an email to Mention your interests, schedule, and cell phone number. We'll get back to you soon.


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