FOGcon Schedule Apps Available for Android and iPhone!

Star Trek gave us communicators. Telzey Amberdon had a pocket law library. Arthur C. Clarke wrote of the newspad in 2001: A Space Odyssey and the minisec in Imperial Earth. Philip Jose Farmer offered the panrad in "Mother." Even Dick Tracy had a two-way wrist radio.

Plenty of science fictional stories feature astonishingly miniaturized devices that would tell you the time, alert you to news, show your calendar for days or years to come, communicate with others via voice and text, instantly find obscure information, guide you through unfamiliar streets, and provide entertainment in the form of books, music, and movies. In other words, a smartphone. Or a tablet.

FOGcon is glad to be living in the future, where these devices are readily available.

In addition to providing old-fashioned ink-and-paper schedules, we have apps for the FOGcon schedule. We have to thank the smart, kind, and skillful Ayizan Studios, who also do the WisCon apps, for their willingness to do the same for us. Also the tech team at Wiscon, who lent us their custom-made scheduling software, which has made the whole thing possible.

The FOG Guide is free. However, we do not provide the technology to use it. Bring your own device.

Android version of the FOG Guide.

iOS version of the FOG Guide.

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  1. And I’m grateful that unlike Maxwell Smart, I don’t have to take off my shoes to access my phone — or my phone apps 😀

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