Packing for FOGcon!

What’s the Weather Like?

Current predictions for FOGcon weekend are for highs in the mid-60s, lows in the low 40s, and more sun than clouds, although showers are possible. March is still the rainy season, so bring rain gear if you plan to explore outside the hotel. March is notorious for fooling people.

What Do People Wear?

Whatever you are comfortable in; there is no need to dress up for the con. It’s wise to dress in layers, because hotel heating and cooling systems can’t always keep rooms at the temperature each individual finds ideal.

If you’re planning to explore Walnut Creek or BART to San Francisco, bring comfortable shoes, a raincoat, and an umbrella. The hotel has a gym, a whirlpool, and an outdoor heated swimming pool, so pack appropriate gear if you want to use them.

You will get a chance to deck yourself in your favorite garb—Worth ballgowns, steampunk Utilikilts, Browncoat finery, authentic Alpha Centauri tentacle jewelry—Saturday night at the Unaward Banquet. (You can also wear jeans and a t-shirt.) You may also want to bring special clothes for the private room parties.

What Else Should I Bring?

In addition to clothes, medications, and toiletries, here's a list of some things you may find useful:

  • Laptop, cell phone, camera, and whatever other electronics are essential to your health and happiness
  • Cables for any and all of these
  • Possibly a small power strip for your room -- often useful
  • A water bottle
  • Umbrella, rain coat, and comfortable walking shoes
  • A sweater, blazer, or shawl for layering
  • A bathing suit for the swimming pool
  • Gym clothes for the gym
  • Something fancy to wear to the Saturday night Unaward Banquet, if you wish
  • A tote bag for all the freebies you'll pick up and all the new books you'll get signed by their authors
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