Post-Con Thoughts and Reactions

Wow, we did it! FOGcon 1 is over, and (from in-person comments and what we've seen posted on social media) it seems like most of us had a good time.  When we can rouse ourselves from the sleep of utter exhaustion, many of the concom members are wandering around with blissful smiles. We hope the members and honored guests are, too. FOGcon is a community effort, and we need and value the contribution of everybody from members to hotel staff to dealers.

Because we'd like considerably more detail about your experiences and ideas than "seems like most of us had a good time," we're asking for your help. Our feedback survey is up at

In addition, you can share con reports, panel transcripts, and links to your blog posts (from your own site, LiveJournal, Dreamwidth, or wherever) by emailing them  to We would love to have an archive of FOGcon discussions.

We're already bubbling with ideas for next year. The theme for FOGcon 2012 will be "The Body." Whether the flesh is human or alien, monstrous or beautiful, the joy, terror, weakness, and strength of our physical selves lies at the heart of much speculative fiction.

See you next year! And we hope we'll hear from you much sooner than that!

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