Dealers Agreement

FOGcon Dealers Agreement

I understand that all state and local taxes on anything I sell, as well as all insurance for my merchandise, are my responsibility and not the responsibility of FOGcon.

FOGcon is responsible for the dealers’ room being locked when the room is closed. However, I understand that particularly valuable items - e.g. cash-boxes, computers, high-value jewelry - should be removed from the room when it is closed.

I assume full responsibility and liability for any losses, damages, or claims arising out of damage to my merchandise when the room is open, including during set-up and teardown hours.

I understand that everyone who sells merchandise at my table must have a membership in FOGcon.

I understand that I may use the electricity available in the dealer’s room, including electricity supplied to my table by extension cords and power strips. I will be responsible for taping down extension cords. I will not hang anything from the walls, or block the aisles. I will not sell any edibles or illegal substances. Materials openly displayed will be legally suitable for display to people of any age.

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